Plan Your Move and Make it Easy

Proper planning is the key for a smooth move and you need to begin the planning process by collecting details of your move. The first that you need to decide is what items would go to the new house and what all should be thrashed. Once you have sorted out the items that has to be disposed, they must be either donated to a charity or consider going for garage sale. Contact the local charity or arrange dates for garage sale at least two weeks prior to the moving date. For attracting crowd, it is better to advertise the garage sale locally. If possible you need to team up with your neighbor and plan for a large neighborhood sale.

You can either hire the best moving company or do the packing and moving yourself. If you are going to pack all by yourself, you need to start collecting suitable moving and packing supplies at least six to eight days before the move. These moving boxes can either be purchased from the moving company or from some supplies store. The benefit of getting boxes from moving company is that it would be specially designed to prevent any damages to your belongings. These boxes would be strong and can be easily packed in the moving truck.

Planning process also include making layout plans about your belongings at the new home. It would be easy to arrange the furniture if you make floor plan of your new home and prevent of making decisions then. All travel plans should be made some weeks before and it would be better to keep it flexible so that you can accommodate any schedule changes. Pack all the important documents and keep them at hand for reference at any point.

You need to contact the post office for the change of address and inform friends, family, utility companies, banks, government agencies, health providers and the like of your shifting. Adding more weight to your shipment can cause a lot of money hence make sure to dispose old books, broken items, old toys etc. make a list of things that you would like the movers to transport and the items that you can transport by yourself. You must be planning to do the packing all by yourself. But hiring a moving company would ease your tension as the professional movers are experts in packing and moving all kind of household goods.

You need to confirm the date of moving with your moving company and notify the agent if there is any change in the dates at least three weeks before the shifting. Clarify all your needs with the movers and seek the pricing information for additional services like piano moving, packing and unpacking, storage etc. also inform the movers if you increase or decrease the number of items from the shipment.

The final packing decisions should be done two weeks before the moving. Clean and clear your home including closets, basement and attics and pack the items that you wish to take. If you are shipping automobiles, contact automobile transport companies and arrange the shipping.

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